These are some of my favourite websites and ones that I can thoroughly recommend to anyone with an interest in Thailand, Thai language, and Thai culture.
This is my favourite site for buying Thai DVD, CD, VCD movies, karaoke and concerts. Updated daily with latest releases.
This is a fantastic translation resource, Thai to English karaoke (transliteration) complete with tone symbols and word translation – ideal for song lyrics or letters.
Home of Bird Thongchai McIntyre’s international fanclub, in English language. My friend Took is the webmaster of this website.
This a fan-run website dedicated to translating the songs of Carabao, especially those of lead singer/songwriter Aed Carabao, into English. A must bookmark for any Carabao fan!
1,000s of Thai songs translated to English, album reviews, artist spotlights etc. A fantastic resource for any English speakers with an interest in Thai music