Feb 172017

Fort Phra Sumen, Bangkok - ป้อมพระสุเมร

Fort Phra Sumen – ป้อมพระสุเมร

So, I am browsing in Asia Books in Bangkok the other day and see a new book entitled “We Love Bangkok” published by OOM Lifestyle Books. I flick through a few pages and think it looks kinda interesting, so I purchase a copy.

Later that afternoon I am lazing on the bed and reading the book. Imaging my surprise – there on Page 12, one of my own photographs! The publishers even had the audacity to crop my name and copyright notice from the bottom of the image, and claim that all photographic content in the book is copyright of OOM Lifestyle Books! The book photographer is listed as Pichan Sujaritsatit.

I have emailed the publishers and distributors but so far have not received a reply.

The book which contains my stolen photograph

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