"It's really interesting to see how a westerner has a viewpoint toward Thai culture and society. Some do through literature, some through the work of arts like painting or photograph. The photographic works of Guava (or Farang as most Thais like to call the westerner) are really impressive and outstanding. His point of view and photographic manipulation techniques are fascinating. It truely captures the essense of traditional Thai way of life including the beautiful travelling places" - Falcon
"Followed you from Thai forums to check out your website.What a treat,l just love your photo's,they are fabulous.Only 6 weeks to go before we are back in Thailand and after looking at your site l want to go right now.My husband and l have had a love affair going with Thailand and l think your photo's have captured why .Thankyou so much" - Pauline Nilsson
"Oh! Guy, It's brilliant! Now I am not surprise why you got so many Thai friends, You have got a real Thai heart. Believe me you guys, Guava is such a nice guy, do not give up your friendship with him. I am telling you all, he is a nice farang friend who you can get along easy. He is a star! Hey my farang friend, I would like you to put some music on your web, can you do that? It's comment from my husband, he thinks some thai music would be nice" - Wara
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Published in the Sunday Times Newspaper

Published in the Sunday Times Newspaper

My photograph of Wat Phanan Choeng in Ayutthaya Province was featured in the travel section of today’s Sunday Times newspaper ……….

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